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“Live” Virtual Session Information

All sessions below will be using the same link/number! To join the current session, you can:

  1. Click here.
  2. Login to Webex, click “Join a meeting”, and enter the meeting number 850 178 678.
  3. If your Internet is not working, you can join by phone at +1-415-655-0003. After dialing in, enter the meeting number 850 178 678.
    • Sometimes copying and pasting the Webex meeting link into an Internet browser works better to log on – Google Chrome works best.
    • TESTING: If you want to test your webcam, microphone, and speakers ahead of time, click this link.
    • To download the Webex app for your computer, phone, or tablet, click this link.

Here are some helpful tips when for Webex:

  • Turn your webcam on: Wi-Fi or a full 4G connection will provide bandwidth so that your video does not freeze.
  • Sound/Audio: Using a headset with a microphone is recommended if possible. You can use your computer audio and be sure your speakers are hooked up and your volume is up! If your computer audio is not working, we recommend choosing the “Call me” option of the program to ring your phone for audio.
  • Use the mute button until you are ready to speak.
  • Safety: For anyone under the age of 18 years old, an adult must be present in the home or nearby throughout the virtual session.
  • The private messing “chat” function can be used to contact the facilitator privately if needed.

Please refer to the handouts you received in your “camp in a box” for further details about each session and what materials are needed (items included in the box or needed from home/hospital room). A recording of each live session will be posted on this page, you can click on the blue links, throughout the weekend for you to access if you are not able to make the live session.

Schedule for “Live” Virtual Session

Saturday, March 20th:

  • 9:00AM – 9:45AM: Virtual Yoga (hosted by Cammie Presler, UNC NP)
    • Great way to start the day! Please have a yoga mat or towel available for each participant for this session. This can also be done seated or in a hospital bed.
  • 10:00AM – 11:00AM: Camp Welcome and Virtual Scavenger Hunt (hosted by Victory Junction)
    • Get ready for a fun scavenger hunt around your house/hospital room with this game! Please have a pillowcase or bag available for this session.
  • 11:30AM – 12:15PM: Virtual Art Therapy (hosted by Bridget Pemberton-Smith, Art Therapy Institute of Carrboro)
    • Enjoy a fun watercolor paint art activity for the whole family.
  • 1:00PM – 2:00PM: Science Experiment and Games (hosted by Victory Junction)
    • Enjoy making slime, some fun experiments, and games to go along with them!
  • 3:00PM – 4:00PM: Teddy Bear Clinic (hosted by REACH with Victory Junction)
    • Enjoy several medical play games, experiments, and activities!
  • 5:00PM – 6:00PM: 10-second Talent Showcase and Virtual Campfire (hosted by Victory Junction)
    • Come show off your best (serious or silly) talent and reflect on favorite moments from virtual retreat from the day!
  • 6:45PM: Closing Dance Party (hosted by UNC CPALS, staff, and special guests)
    • Enjoy a virtual dance party and show off your best moves!

Pre-Recorded Activities

Below are some pre-recorded activities you can do with your family whenever you’d like. Some of these encourage you to get outside at times and celebrate the first weekend of Spring. If the activity has a * next to it, this means it includes an activity kit in your camp-in-a-box. Instructions are also included with each kit of materials. Please feel free to take pictures while having fun with these activities and share with us if you’d like – you can email Meghan at!

List of Activities:

  • Meditation for a New Season: Follow this guided meditation, recorded by our pediatric chaplain Hadley Kifner, to help bring in a new season of calmness and comfort.
    • Click on this link for a handout to follow along with the video!
  • Dress Up: This activity is dressing up as someone who inspires you! You can dress up as your favorite actor, your favorite singer, your mom/dad, or anyone you look up to!
  • Build a Fort: Who can build the biggest fort?! Get creative with pillows, blankets, lights, and more in your house!
  • *“Dirt” Dessert-Making: Spring is in the air and that means it’s time to play outside in the dirt, or in this case to make it! Make a quick and easy pudding-style dessert with us!
  • *DIY Kite-Making: Enjoy creating and decorating a fun kite to fly as the weather warms up!
  • *Nature Scavenger Hunt: With this activity, let’s go explore outside with this scavenger hunt and search for different shapes, colors, and many other things in nature! Take pictures of what you find!
  • *Handprint Suncatcher: Create a colorful handprint suncatcher that can be taped to your window all spring!
  • *Bubbles and Sidewalk Chalk: Enjoy some fun outdoor games that involve both bubbles and chalk!