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Important: You must be a Registered UNC Medical Center Volunteer and have volunteered a minimum of 1 semester in the Pediatric Oncology Clinic or Pediatric Play Atrium before applying for a 1:1 pal.

Becoming a 1:1 pal is a privilege offered to volunteers who have proven to be reliable and comfortable with pediatric patients and their families in the Clinic or Hospital setting. Your assigned volunteer Clinic shift is intended to help you become familiar with the environment and experiences surrounding pediatric cancer. After volunteering for a minimum of 1 semester, you may submit an application to become a 1:1 CPAL.  A 1:1 CPAL orientation will prepare you for this unique, important, and sometimes intense volunteer role. (Please note that a schedule with more availability, especially morning availability, will make it easier to match you with a 1:1 pal). A 1:1 pal’s treatment could occur in the clinic, inpatient in the Children’s Hospital, or in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit. CPALS are expected to meet their pals for all appointments and to visit their pals during inpatient stays at least every 1-2 days.

Missed Appointment? 

If you missed your Pal’s appointment, please contact the club advisor with an explanation. If you miss two appointments, this may result in dismissal from the CPALS program.

Looking for Orientation? 

1:1 Orientation will be coordinated through the CPALS advisor and Vice President.

Application for 1:1 Pals Program

To apply for a 1:1 pal please email Vice President Aaren Capilitan


Contact Vice President Aaren Capilitan