Not a registered volunteer? You can still be involved!

If  you have any questions about becoming involved, contact Lindsay Cannon (lecannon@email.unc.edu) or Maria Wynn (wynnmr@email.unc.edu)


Welcome to the website for CPALS!

CPALS is a UNC-Chapel Hill student volunteer organization within the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology clinic at UNC Hospitals. Members facilitate clinic resources for visiting patients and their families in clinic shifts.

Additionally, members have the opportunity to make a 1:1 pal. Members participating in the 1:1 pal program are paired with one specific patient, and every time that patient visits the hospital, their 1:1 CPALS member is notified.

Gradually our members and their 1:1 pals develop a friendship, providing attention, love, and support without any of the stressful medical stuff mixed in!

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