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Carolina Pediatric Attention Love and Support, or CPALS, is a University Organization of Registered College Student Volunteers that help to provide a variety of social and emotional support to pediatric patients (and their families) as they face cancer or a life threatening blood disorder. CPALS spend an initial semester volunteering in the Pediatric Oncology Clinic. Following this, veteran CPALS have an opportunity to be matched 1:1 with a specific patient. CPALS provide fun and support in the medical environment as well as engage in CPALS fundraisers, special events, and support the Pediatric Oncology Clinic and it’s psychosocial support programming.

CPALS must be outgoing, friendly, and comfortable interacting with children and their family members. This opportunity does not specifically provide medical exposure or experience, but is focused on supporting pediatric families during their treatment experience. Attendance at monthly CPALS meetings and participation in CPALS special events is mandatory.

Interested in joining?

Step 1: Visit our Registration section and complete our online form to begin the process.

Step 2: To be considered a “Registered Volunteer” you will need to register with UNC Medical Center’s Volunteer Services. This process is managed in-person. Please visit their website for more information. Please note – Medical Center Volunteer commitment is for one full academic year. CPALS “Registered” and “Non-Registered Volunteers” are welcome to participate in the program. Read our Registration section to understand the differences.

Step 3: Attend one of our two New Member Orientation Meetings this Fall. Check our Calendar for dates and times.

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Additional Questions? Contact us.

If you have any questions about becoming involved, contact CPALS Advisor Stephanie Mazze or CPALS President Sierra Atwater. You can also complete our Contact Us form and we will be in touch. Thanks!